Sunday, August 9, 2009

Milk and Honey

Day 65 - Aug 7, 1 day late
60 miles. Reno, NV to South Lake Tahoe, CA!

Definitely an epic day. Right up there with Trail Ridge and Stumpy Lane. Still can't believe we're actually in California. All the other states have been sorta understandable but to have actually made it into our 18th state is just incredible.

The day started out fittingly enough with a group pic in front of Steve's custom built flame spewing tractor. Who is this guy seriously? While giving me some fishing line yesterday he casually opens a random tool drawer and pulls out these sharp crescents. Yea, they were bald eagle talons. Just happened to be in some corner of his toolshed. For real. Oh and did i mention he routinely rides his motorcycle while standing on the seat? Yea, who else votes for making Steve a new adjective in the English language as in "Dude, that's so totally Steve!"

Within the first 5 pedal strokes today i knew it was going to be a great day. The build day was just what my sore butt and legs needed and i was feeling great back on the bike as Doug, Hillary, and I flew through our first 30 miles to lunch. Though the Hot August Nights car show was a little too appealing for our testosterone filled selves to turn down. We promised to just loop through and head out, but that obviously failed miserably. The cars were just so unbelievably cool, especially this crazy orange 41 Chevy converted ambulance that the dude Henry apparently drives his kids to school in. Talk about incentivizing your kids... The highlight was finding a beautiful electric yellow '72 Corvette Stingray, aka the coolest car in the world, on sale for only 29K. It was reassuring to know that i can possibly afford one AND still have money left over to feed and clothe myself.

Lunch's wonderful leftovers from the night before, the first non-pbj meal in about 300 miles, only confirmed the day's awesomeness. Now for some reason as we went to do our 2,000 foot climb into Lake Tahoe, Noah, Doug, Larry, Noah and I found ourselves wearing adult diapers over our chammies for the rest of the ride. To be totally honest, it's still unclear why, but everything seems rational in the moment, right?...

Oh and the top of the mountain was called "Spooner Summit". Could you ask for a better photo-op?

The climb was a decent 10ish miles, which doesn't even register since its basically our job by now. The descent down was fabulous and totally exhilirating. Having that massive, and i mean ginormous, lake come into view out of nowhere was one of those total "Whoa, how the hell did this get here!" moments. It was just pure, stunning, glistening liquid beauty.

As we saw more and more casinos clumped we could tell the nevada border was ending and then in the middle of a packed main street we saw the tiniest sign about 20 feet up proclaiming entrance to California. Basically, the most anticlimactic sign of the whole trip. Well, since we were going too fast to take a picture, we made sure to let the whole neighborhood know that we were entering. I don't think there was a single person in that packed downtown area who didn't turn their head when me and everyone else started letting out our yelps of euphoria at having crossed the border. It was just so intense and one of those "i clearly can't do anything BUT pump my fist in the air" moments. Glorious is perhaps the only word that fits. And that reminds me, I have yet to ingest any milk and honey since being here.

We're staying across the street from the school's baseball field, and at night i went over with Max and Larry to watch a co-ed softball community league play while eating dinner. It was pretty spectacular to just chill out like that see a fun casual game. Really brought me back to my fun days of little league. Totally affirmed my burning desire to be one of those cheery, wise, story-filled 70 year old little league umpires one day. Talk about thinking ahead...

Tomorrow's a day off, meaning sleep in, and can't think of a prettier place to do it. THey've been intensely awesome so far and i think this is what we need to get us through our last 5 awesome days of riding.

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