Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Breakfast is on us!"

Day 5 - June 7

53 miles to Middlefield, CT today. 53 VERY hilly and sunny miles. But its all good because one of those hills granted me a new all time high of 44.5 mph. It was sweet.

Couple of great things happened today. Wore a bike bib for the first time and felt really hardcore. Basically they hug your body more than shorts and make riding nicer. Of course they look hilariously awkward without a jersey on.

Early on in the day we came across an awesome empty field of gras. Five of us proceeded to frolic at which point the two Colin's trounced Steven and I in a wheelbarrow race.

Around the 20 mile marker I reached the high of the day. Emily and I were starting to get hungry. We came across a Friendly's, of which Emily is a big fan. We decided to give a shot at asking for a complimentary meal. We walked in decked out in cycling gear and gave our (vehemently rehearsed) 30 second pitch explaining that the more we spent on food as a group, the less we can actually donate to affordable housing organizations. After a suspenseful pause, the manager was more than happy to treat us to a complimentary breakfast and quite possibly the best two egg, bacon, and portobello mushroom club sandwich of my life. Generous donations like these are apparently the norm on all bike and build trips and I'm so grateful to that Friendly's and everyone in general who has been so receptive to our cause. Other trip members came had similar experiences and altogether we actually fundraised $226.50 today from individual donations alone!

Next, we rode through Wilimantic, CT. Now you would think that this is an ordinary town, that is until you see the statues of GIANT FROGS on spools everywhere! It was the most outrageous urban decoration I've ever seen. Everyone acted so normal around them that we legit thought we were the only ones who could see them. Apparently there was some big lake full of frogs back in colonial times and all the citizens confused the croaking with Native American war cries until they actually saw the pond for themselves. As a result the town is now full of giant frog statues. If only we could all learn so much from our past...

At the church, the wonderful congregation members treated us to showers in their own homes. Jim and Jennifer had an awesome house with an awe inspiring double shower with a tv. Not that i don't enjoy cramped group showers with other smelly, dirty men... Jim had actually travelled to over 35 different countries as an air parts inspector and Jennifer was a LOST fan, Thank you so much guys!

Afterwards, we once again had food heaped upon us by the wonderful church youth group. This made me very happy. The Apple pie was extra yummy.

Also, I finally got some time to freshen up the blog and actually email all of my friends about it. I hope to get the pictures organized soon as well.

All in all, today i continued to ponder what a ridiculously wonderful opportunity im experiencing. If anyone reading this is even remotely considering doing Bike and Build (and you def should be) please be sure to apply this October, it will be the best summer of your life.

Something like 70 miles tomorrow. I wonder who we'll meet...